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The Everything Wipe

These wipes serve many purposes. If you're a fan of the Everything Napkin or Everything Cloth, we think you'll love this addition to the Everything line-up. Here are some ideas of how to maximize the use of these mini marvels:


+ Setting the table for little hands

+ Packing lunchbags and picnics with wee ones

+ Wiping your nose or face

+ Drying off after using a bidet

+ and more! 


6" x 6" squares combine soft flannel with a durable blend of cotton or polyester. Each wipe is one-of a-kind and handmade with care by one of our local makers on Gabriola Island. 

Find Relove Local at the GIRO ReStore on Gabriola Island and select retailers and markets on Vancouver Island.

Keep it Clean

Everything Wipes are great for small jobs and little hands! When you choose Relove Local products, you're helping us all keep it clean by reducing carbon emissions, investing in fair labour, and reusing existing resources. 


Less is More

Reduce clutter by reusing your Everything Wipe in creative ways. Reduce cost by investing in durable, multi-use products.

Reduce impact by supporting the circular economy. 

AME_6070 (2).jpg

Waste into Resource

Relove Local products are made from textile waste that we rescue, repair, and reimagine into new-to-you resources. 

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