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Why Zero Waste

Rethink. Reduce. ReLove Local.

Every week, our local recycling depot receives 2,000 lbs of textiles from our small community. Of these donations, only half are in condition to be sold in our ReStore. This issue is not unique to us.

The fashion industry is the second-largest polluter worldwide and textiles are the fastest growing waste stream.  


What are we doing about it?

Transforming Waste Into Resource

Relove Local products are designed to replace disposables and divert existing waste from the landfill. 


Together, we're supporting local innovation, building a circular economy, and taking steps toward a zero-waste future. 



Relove Local products are made to last. When an item has reached the end of one life form, bring it back, and we'll advise on how to repair it or turn it into something new again. 

At every stage in the product's lifecycle, we prioritize ethical and sustainable practices.

Join The Movement @ReloveLocal

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