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Yoga Bolster

Breathe deeply and relax with (re)Love support.

The cylindrical bolster is a versatile and essential tool for meditation and self-care. Its carefully designed ergonomic shape allows for a wide range of supportive poses, making it the perfect companion for your mindfulness practice.


This bolster is locally made using discarded textiles, which are repurposed to create a sustainable and eco-friendly product. Additionally, the 100% recycled stuffing sourced from our shredder adds to its unique and environmentally conscious nature.




They are one-of-a-kind and handmade with love by local makers on Gabriola Island. 

Find ReLove Local at the GIRO ReStore/Makerspace on Gabriola Island and select retailers and markets on Vancouver Island.

GIRO ReStore Hours

Wednesday: 9:30am-4pm

Saturday:  9:30am-4pm

Summer Hours



ReLove Makerspace Store

Wednesday: 10am-3pm

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