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About Us

We LOVE everything about RELOVE LOCAL!

In 2021, the project was initiated to address the problem of textile waste by transforming it into something valuable and sustainable. Our team is committed to creating new products that are produced locally by skilled artisans while being environmentally friendly. Our primary focus is on designing items that can replace disposable goods, serve multiple purposes or which are durable, thus reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Our business model is centred around promoting community-based and eco-friendly practices, and we are proud to embrace the concept of a circular economy in our approach.



Our Story

Our team is a small group of passionate individuals deeply committed to this beautiful project. We strongly believe in the importance and impact of our work and strive to give our best every day to ensure its success. The sense of purpose that drives us forward motivates us to make ReLove Local the best it can be. We aim to give back to the local community, rethink waste, and promote a circular business model that is sustainable and can be replicated in other communities as well.



ReLove Local is made possible through the work of Sue H. and the team at GIRO Restore. With her input into the project, it is possible. They are at the forefront, selecting and classifying the fabric by type, cleaning and preparing the textile for shredding. Their work is essential, and we work side-by-side to make this project happen.      


Michelle, one of the founders, initiated the program in 2020.    

She worked tirelessly to establish the project, overseeing the construction of the Makerspace, acquiring the necessary equipment, such as the shredder, and collaborating with Rachel to ensure its vision and good functioning.    


Judi and Sue A. participated in the 2021 contest to identify the best products ReLove Local could offer the community. They have since been integral to this project!    


Sue A. has taken on the role of apprentice teacher and created unique floor cushions.    

She is helping our apprentices develop their sewing skills and learn how to create our products.    


On the other hand, Judi is our primary maker for the regular collection and has been developing our product line in collaboration with Rachel.    


Rachel joined our team at the beginning of summer 2023 and has worked in front and behind the scenes ever since. She has been working closely with the incredible team at GIRO, managing the parallel processes with the sewers, working on the marketing, helping with the Makerspace and more.    


Stephanie joined our team in October 2021 and collaborated with her mother, Sue, to create the floor cushions. She has also been our main photographer for ReLove.    


Nelly started working with us in 2023 and has been an asset to the team ever since. She helped us design the cushion collection and is working on other project elements. 


Tony recently joined our team in February 2024 to assist us with shredder operations. He is a valuable addition, specializing in the logistics of shredding, packaging, and all the behind-the-scenes tasks.    


Isabelle arrived on our team in the winter of 2023. She helped with the markets and social media content by taking beautiful pictures of our products.    


Kim is collaborating with us in the makerspace department to develop workshops for students at the elementary school on Gabriola Island, as well as sewing workshops and courses.

Meet The Team


Michelle Kresnyak

Founder & GIRO DG

Judi Fisher

Main Maker 

Sue Artuso


Tony Heath

Shredder manager

Kim Adam

Workshops & School program teacher

Rachel St-Hilaire


Nelly Madan


Stephanie Artuso

Maker & Main photograph
AME_4425 2_edited.jpg

Isabelle Falardeau


GIRO ReStore Hours

Wednesday: 9:30am-4pm

Saturday:  9:30am-4pm

Summer Hours



ReLove Makerspace Store

Wednesday: 10am-3pm

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