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Bowl covers

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Bowl covers are a versatile and practical solution for keeping your food fresh and protected. Whether you're storing leftovers for later, transporting food to a potluck, or starting a fermentation project, bowl covers come in handy.


When you select ReLove Local bowl covers, you're actively contributing to reducing your carbon footprint. These products are crafted from sustainable materials and are intentionally designed for long-term use, allowing you to repeatedly benefit from their functionality. By opting for these reusable bowl covers, you play a part in diminishing waste and preserving valuable resources. Say goodbye to plastic wrap and welcome our zero-waste bowl covers!


Say goodbye to plastic wrap and welcome our zero-waste bowl covers!


Available in 5 convenient sizes and reversible, they offer a versatile solution for replacing plastic in your kitchen. Whether it's keeping leftovers fresh, covering fermenting foods, proofing sourdough, or transporting picnic fare, these durable double-layered bowl covers, made from upcycled fabric with elastic edges, cater to your needs. It's worth noting that each bowl cover is unique and handcrafted with care by local artisans on Gabriola Island.


Sizes & Pricing:

Small (up to 7"): $5

Medium  (up to "12): $9

Large (up to 16"): $13

Find ReLove Local at the GIRO ReStore/Makerspace on Gabriola Island and select retailers and markets on Vancouver Island.

GIRO ReStore Hours

Wednesday: 9:30am-4pm

Saturday:  9:30am-4pm

Summer Hours



ReLove Makerspace Store

Wednesday: 10am-3pm

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